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While Zohar Yisrael may be small, it offers the full range of services typically associated with large communities.

Come experience Judaism in a unique environment that is exciting and vibrant.

Zohar Yisrael strives to create an atmosphere that encourages the individual to grow in his or her Jewish identity.

Whether a person is thoroughly familiar with a traditional service or has never attended one, whether they know all the zemirot or none at all, whether they can recite birkat hamazon or not, we strive to make our environment a place that is welcoming while also maintaining its commitment to having people grow in halakhically.

Congregation Zohar Yisrael offers a variety of services which include but are not limited to the following:   

1. Counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and study sessions (All these services can be either in person, over the phone or online)

2. Home and business dedications and blessings.

3. Mezuzah hanging

4. Introduction to Judaism Classes

5. Visiting the sick

6. Pre-marital counseling, engagement ceremonies & weddings  

7. Baby naming ceremonies

8. Bar and Bat mitzvah

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