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Our Mikvah Project

Our Plan, Our Dream

The Mikvah is commonly known as the spa for the soul. And it literally is, because when you fulfill this beautiful mitzvah, it is as the holy waters of the mikvah cleanses your soul, and everything becomes new. A new path, a new journey closer and hand in hand with Gd. 

It is important to note the importance of having a mikvah in a community. The community would go as far as selling the building in order to keep their communities mikvah running smoothly.

So, what is a mikvah? A mikvah is a ritual pool that is constructed according to the Jewish Law. The immersion in the mikvah is as if the soul has a powerful transformational experience, elevating the soul to a closeness with HaShem that there was not there before.

The main use of the mikvah is the observance of Jewish ¨Family Purity¨ laws. When a woman a woman´s menstrual cycle comes to an end, a woman immerses in the mikvah, so that she can be spiritually refreshed, in result, her relationship with her husband is boosted and in consequence the spiritual health of her family improves. A mikvah is also used for neshamot who wish to convert to Judaism.

Many use the performance of this beautiful mitzvah as a private one on one moment with Gd. 

So, our current primary focus as a community is to fulfill the dream of building our community mikvah so that we can take one step closer to HaShem. And therefore, our members having the happiness in their hearts when they are about to fulfill such an important mitzvah.

Rabbi Juan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez & Rebbetzin Hannah Miryam Bejarano Gutierrez

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The Mikvah

Our Current Funding Status

Chavurah Zohar Yisrael will be giving monthly updates regarding the status of the fund raising of our mikvah. We want our members and donors to have the assurance that we want the utmost transparency regarding everything that Chavurah Zohar Yisrael does and where every donation given goes for.

We are happy to announce that we have $11,000 in our general fund with ~$9300 for the mikveh and more coming in. 

Here it is a screenshot of the bank account of Chavurah Zohar Yisrael where you will be able to see what the total our general fund is up to now.

Our General Fund on The Month of June 2022

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If you wish to donate to this holy and wonderful cause. 

Please send your donation to

Our Paypal address:

Note: We only ask if you could please write the word: mikvah donation. So that we direct your donation specifically for

the mikvah fund.

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